The Hope Project SA sets out as a Non-Profit organisation to keep us sharing, in community, with a healthy difference. Safely creating job opportunities for those who find themselves stranded, ‘cancelled’, ’postponed’ or without any source of income and way to live.

Powered and supported by the teams at Tailormade Group and AV And Beyond, this will be done through but not limited to:

· Online streaming of productions

· The production and sale of protective face masks

· Wide range sale of PPE equipment


The platform is designed with two goals in mind: to provide ‘Hope’ by creating jobs and providing care packages directly to the artists in need. Through funding, donations and corporate sponsorship we plan to make a difference with streamed production that will not only give hope at this time but also share proceeds with every artist, creative and crew member, that forms part of each live-streamed project of hope.

Art takes on many forms and is not limited to the following: Dancers, Actors, Musicians, Vocalists, Script Writers, Directors, Stage Hands, Stage Managers, Producers and Choreographers.



The Hope Project SA will encompass a digital entertainment hub (of hope) where the ‘new normal’ of production and live events can continue. In a safe environment we plan to set up our spectacular stages, screens and production elements.

The hub will be highly curated with a view to:

• Create bespoke productions for our online audiences.

• Create an online live stream of world class live entertainment.

• Stream productions, concerts, top South African artists, comedy shows and ‘TED’ like pops of valuable information.


Made up of a team of entertainers, dancers and creative thinkers who are taking it upon themselves to create an opportunity to support fellow artists and crew who are struggling in our current economic climate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tailormade Group in partnership with AV And Beyond has turned their dance studio into a production line, creating jobs for seamstresses and tailors that have been manufacturing costumes for the company for many years; together with providing jobs for performers in logistics, packing and courier services for our first initiative, Hope Face Masks.

Artists and crew will be up-skilled through the project by offering their time, skills and efforts to help in the safe and sterile production and distribution of these masks. A percentage of the proceeds will go directly to artists and crew in need.


We, The Hope Project SA stand together to exchange in ways that can be mutually beneficial for all parties at hand so that no one will go hungry, our world will not turn to grey and we never lose the hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. We encourage you to be properly protected and urge you to do so by supporting a cause far greater than you and I.

Our masks contain the D15 filters that will optimally decrease the chance of an individual contracting and/or spreading this virus. DOWNLOAD

Proceeds will be donated to The Hope Project SA fund, helping provide relief for freelance performers and technical crew in need.

These reusable face masks are unisex, machine washable, tumble dryer friendly and each filter last up to 5 washes.

Designed with protection and comfort in mind, our masks comprise of three layers:

  • Outer Layer: 100% cotton
  • Centre Layer: Non-woven Micro fibre D15 approved filter
  • Inner Layer: 95% cotton, 5% polyester

The design boasts an easy access to replace filter. The Masks come ready to use covering the nose and mouth with a snug fit.


PPE products manufactured to keep your staff/family protected. Sanitising your office space, factory, warehouse or retail store as well as the MSD sheet of the chemical we use and our chemical certification.






Support artists and crew by contributing to a fund which will provide them with food vouchers, electricity, other urgent and vital expenses.


We will collect any basic food items and materials which can support the production of protective face masks and food hampers.


Any professional services that could assist or offer their time to our project and community will be greatly appreciated.


To support freelance artists and crew during the COVID-19 crisis, The Hope Project SA has come together to create an initiative to offer financial and informal resources to artists in South Africa.

Artist Relief will be distributed in the form of vouchers to reputable stores for food, electricity and data costs to those artists and crew facing dire financial emergencies due to COVID-19.

To be eligible for a relief grant, applicants must be:

  • A practicing artist or crew able to demonstrate a continued commitment to their work, careers, and a public audience; Please provide minimum of three pictures of you performing or working as a freelancer at events in SA during over the last twelve months.
  • Experiencing desperate financial emergencies due to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Applicants must be 21 years or older; provide a certified copy of your Identity Document.
  • Applicants will need to show proof that they are a registered tax payer by supplying a tax number and latest IRP5. Should artists be registered in their personal capacity as a Sole Proprietor or Company, please provided latest tax clearance certificate and supporting company documents.
  • Residing and working in S.A. over the last two years;
  • Not a full-time employee, board member or director of a Production or Technical Company.

Application Process

  • Application form and all supporting documents must be emailed to relieffund@thehopeprojectsa.co.za.
  • All information is then compiled into a database and the credibility of the documents are then thoroughly checked and verified by our team.
  • Should the applicant be successful you will be notified, vouchers will be sent to the applicant via email to reputable stores for food, electricity and data costs.

Application Documents Required:

  • Correctly complete The Hope Project SA application form. DOWNLOAD